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Web Development

According to a study, a user of the Internet forms an opinion about a website in less than 0.05 seconds. Due to an organization's poorly designed website, more than 50% of users do not recommend it.

Why We Need to Hire a Web Development Agency in Canada

First, you surely don’t want to end up like some people before faced the problem of business falling down. Second, you want your website to increase your customers or revenue. There are plenty of other reasons to hire a professional web development agency to develop your website, rather than taking the matter into your hand. We mention some main reasons why we need to hire a professional web development company in Canada.

  • The uniqueness of your website
  • SEO compliance
  • High-quality website design and development
  • Responsive web design and development
  • Faster page-loading time

How to Hire a Professional Web Development Company in Ottawa Canada

Some companies decide to hire a company to keep their low development cost in mind, but after completing the project, the company knows they make a mistake. But this is too late…! As a result, your website's search engine rankings drop, it gets no visitors, and it doesn't support the expansion of your company. On the other hand, when you work with the best web development company in Canada for your official website’s design and development, you get results in your favor.

  • Do Your Research as you can best
  • Discuss Your Requirements with professionals
  • Make a Decision When You’re 100% Sure about what you want
  • When to Hire a Professional Web Development Company
  • When You Need a Responsive Website for Business
  • When You Want to Grow Online Locally or Globally

Why TechPond is a Professional Web Development Company

From the first conversation through the launch date of your website, we've devised a special process to guarantee that every web development project is completed to your satisfaction. TechPond web development process is as follows

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy


We’ll start with a discovery meeting, understanding what our clients really want to get out of the new site. We’ll look at his existing site and competitors, to truly understand a perfect marketplace to grow the market.


At this point, TechPond professionals put pen to paper and create the documents necessary to get going in the right direction. We'll also build a project plan with the help of our professionals with full expertise so you’ll know exactly when we’ll deliver each aspect of the project.


This is where the creative work starts, if you already selected designs for a website, our professionals will check over them to make sure they will translate to building a quality website.


By creating the templates, adding the content, and integrating your design with the CMS of your choice, our team of qualified website developers will bring your design to life on the web. After your website is created, we thoroughly test it to make sure everything functions as it should.


Before we go live, we'll give you access to a demo link. We will also provide any necessary training. We'll answer any questions you may have prior to the site becomes live.

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